Art from Maud Quaedvlieg from 2006-2008:

Reflets dans l'eau; Noir lundi; Pour la vie; Rumania; India: Flowersacrifices to the Ganges, Layla and Majnun, the Baltics, India - Bollywood Babes, Andalucía - De Profundis, Iran, Fête à Paris




Reflets dans l'eau (refelections on the water)


Reflections and contemplations by the mucic of Claude Debussy - acrylics on linen




Noir Lundi


Acrylics and Graphicspaper on linen


Pour La Vie


Acrylics and pastel coloured chalk on linen



Inspired by the religious paintings on the outside of the Rumanian churches. Acrylics on canvas.



India: Flowersacrifices to the Ganges


Acrylics on linen

Layla and Majnun


In the islamic world Layla en Majnun is a better known duo than Romeo and Juliet. Originally it is an Iranian love story from 1188 of the Persian poet Nizami.

Acrylics on linen


The Baltics


My red coat and red shawl...

India - Bollywood Babes



Andalucía "De profundis"


De Profundis

Los cien enamorados duermen para siempre bajo la tierra seca. Andalucía tiene largos caminos rojos. Córdoba, olivos verdes donde poner cien cruces que los recuerden. Los cien enamorados duermen para siempre.
Poema del Cante Jondo, Madrid, 1931
De Profundis

Those hundred lovers are asleep forever beneath the dry earth. Andalusia has long, red-colored roads. Córdoba, green olive trees for placing a hundred crosses
to remember them. Those hundred lovers are asleep forever.

Poema del Cante Jondo, Madrid, 1931



An enchanting and fascinating country! World famous in Persia is the poet Shamseddin Mohammade Shirazie (1320-1389), better known as Hafez. This humanistic poet is being considered as the best Persian poet of all times. His poems show a remarkably modern view at the world. He is a representant of a  (aspecially nowadays) in the West less known but very important humanistic tendency in the Islam. Hafez is still read by young and old. The Dutch/Iranian author Kader Abdolah states that Hafez wrote a relevant poem for every state of mind, wether it concerns pain by love or luckiness by love, home sickness, mourning, desperation, or lonely moments of exaltation. 

Fête à Paris


Acrylics and chalk on linen


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