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Maud Quaedvlieg, born March 1961, studied monumental design and free painting at the St. Joost Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Breda and the Academy for Liberal Arts in The Hague. From 1990 onward, Maud has been an independent artist. She regularly exhibits her work and runs her own art rental. Moreover, next to drawing- and paintingcourses, she also organises paintings weeks in France.


When she started her development, the paintings were abstract. Figurative elements appeared later. For her, it's still a challenge to create tension between order and chaos and reflect this in images. The experience with these polarities, the feeling of surrenderance to chaos, inspires her in a way that results in the creation of the final form: paintings in which bodily forms call associations with landscape elements.


Recently, she travelled to Uzbekistan, Russia and Armenia. In the resulting paintings she processes her feelings and memories. Although she is inspired by her travels, the countries are not recognizable in terms of place and time. It is a report, painted in chapters. The works are becoming more abstract again. For Maud abstraction does not mean denying the truth, but more like obtaining a clearer grip on the truth. She has the urge to grow beyond the matter and dematerialize it.


The painting itself, based on knowledge and experience, is now under control and in deliverance of a very emotional process. They are documented experiences in which sometimes humour and foolishness are interwoven. Eventually it becomes reality for the spectator, when they can experience the paintings as a personal adventure themselves.


Franz Kafka

Maud Quaedvlieg - Dutch artist 2016

Picture: Robert Broos

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